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Isn`t life funny sometimes – you are getting on with your life when a chance meeting, being in the right place at the right time, and your world turns upside down.  So it was in 1996 for the Vard SistersWendy, Lisa and Cathy – when one day Sony A&R Representative to Ireland heard them singing at a friends church wedding ceremony and thought – what beautiful singing, what beautiful girls, it must follow that they would make a beautiful album – and Sony proceeded to sign them.

The three sisters grew up in Dublin where their involvement in music was simply a part of their lives in the usual way of any household.  Although the girls were clearly blessed with divine voices, they never dreamed that one day their talent would come to be recognized as something special.  At school they were given principal leads in all the major musical productions, and as their confidence grew they would perform a song or two at family and social gatherings.  It became clear that their voices, while individually unique, became a powerful and emotive force when combined as one.

Cathy, the eldest, finally realised she wanted to do more than sing socially.  She attended the Royal Irish Academy of Music, the Dublin College of Music.  She and her sisters began to provide the music at church weddings for their friends.  Soon, through word of mouth they were getting so many requests to perform that without realizing what was happening, the Vard Sisters had become a professional singing threesome.

Following the success of their first album Heavenly, the Vard Sisters appeared as guests on what seemed like every TV programme in the UK and Ireland, including The Late Late Show, Open House, Ireland AM, Richard and Judy, GMTV, The John Daly Show, Kelly, MTV Europe Irish Special and Lite Lunch (to name but a few) confirming their widespread appeal.  They have performed at such prestigious venues as Dublin Castle for Bill Clinton and the American Ambassador’s Residence. They also performed and recorded with Westlife for the Westlife Christmas Special Concert in Temple Theatre and with top Irish tenor Finbarr Wright in the Cork Opera House and University Concert Hall / Limerick.  To top it all off, they recorded a P.B.S.T.V Special in Germany in February 2002 which goes out coast to coast in America.

They have performed extensively both at home and abroad over the last few years, including Germany, where following a successful concert in the National Concert Hall with the Bayer Choir (the largest male choir in the world), they were invited to Germany to perform with the choir in three of their concerts.  They played to packed houses in the Gaiety Theatre, National Concert Hall and the Cork Opera house and almost every Cathedral in Ireland.

Derek Cremin, musical director, for The Vard Sisters and has worked with  Van Morrison, Brian Kennedy, The Irish Tenors, Westlife, Ronan  Keating, James Galway, Chieftains, Paul Brady and Samantha Mumba to name but a few.

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