Ideas & Tips

Here’s a couple of ideas we have picked up along the way!

rds151484Candles Candles Candles!!

Don’t have all the lights on in church it creates a more romantic atmosphere not to do so.

Use lots of greenery it doesn’t cost much just make sure you clean the likes of trailing ivy of spiders and insects beforehand.

Get someone either a family member or friend or ask the church to ensure the church loo is cleaned (you’ll be amazed how many of your guests will use it ) put in fresh towels soap tissues etc maybe even some flowers.

Put time into your readings don’t just go for the usual – see our website for ideas. Whoever is reading make sure they glance over at you when they are speaking or afterwards give you a kiss/hug.

Include parents on both sides in the candle ceremony have them light the two single candles at the beginning of the mass and then get them to join the married couple when lighting the one single candle representing the new union. This highlights a union between the two families as well as the couple it also creates a lovely atmosphere mood in the church.


Hold Hands!imb0841178

Holding one anothers hands during the ceremony not only will relax you both but also sends out a signal of how much you care for one another .

Learn your vows off by heart nothing worse than the priest having to prompt you you can also be creative with your vows and make them your own.

If children are invited to the ceremony make sure their parents keep them quiet and if they do get upset arrange that they are taken out of the church quietly and quickly.

Try not to be late !!! Remember your guests have more than likely been in the church atleast a half an hour before the designated time.


iluv095009The Dress — get someone to take photographs of you from various angles when trying dresses on. Then download the shots onto your computer when no one is around and then judge what you look like and what suits you most. If you are having a winter wedding think about the cold!! Wear a long Coat or atleast a fur stole it doesn’t matter if your dress cannot been seen you will look stunning and it means your guests get a second surprise back in the hotel when you enter without the coat/wrap for dinner.

Make up and Hair so important you get a practice run in and you like what you see don’t let anyone bully you into a look you don’t like. Again get photographs of both and analyze them to make sure you are happy.

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